Cambodia Wedding Customs

The Cambodian wedding is a colorful, amazing affair. Commonly, the wedding will last three times and comprises of seven ceremonies to bless the couple!

Soat Mun – Monks Blessing

One of the important ceremonies in a traditional Cambodian wedding, Soat Mun includes monks true blessing the groom and bride. This is an important area of the ceremony in fact it is a good way to ensure both parties are on the same webpage with their dedication to marriage.

Gaat Sah – purifying and signifies a fresh start

The first of all ceremony is certainly Gaat Sah which starts with the master of the commemoration carrying out a emblematic hair cutting to the bride and groom. It is followed by the couple’s parents and relatives who want them good health, longevity and happiness in their new life alongside one another.

Bongvul Pbopul : Blessings by Married Couples relationship with vietnamese woman

The last ceremony is certainly Bongvul Pbopul, wherever married couples bless the bride and groom with their presence. Throughout this ritual the bride and groom sit in a group of friends with their members of your family and three candles are passed around them seven times.

Guests then simply throw white colored plam seed (pka sla) at the newlyweds in order to hope them achievement and longevity together.

After this, a wedding reception is held where the couple exchanges gift items and relishes a meal as well as their guests. The marriage ceremony ends with a celebration that is full of music, dance and fun.

The ceremony is mostly a beautiful representation from the importance of relatives in Cambodian customs. It is a excellent opportunity for individuals to get together and rejoice a young couple’s beginning in existence as a married couple.